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How can I keep my toothbrush clean?

If you are one among the majority, odds are that you could be using an unclean tooth brush to clean your teeth. This is both ironical and unfortunate. Most probably, this could be due to ignorance of the tips on how to maintain a clean tooth brush. I will discuss a few tips that could greatly assist you in this:

Always store your tooth brush in an open container

Storing a toothbrush in an open container prevents dampness. This is among the best ways of depriving bacteria from its favorable environment. Therefore, it reduces the span of survival of bacteria.

By using that toothbrush, it is evident that there are null chances of transmitting the bacteria to your teeth. Needless to say, a bacteria free mouth has few odds of getting cavities, gingivitis or the bad odors that are common to many bacteria invaded mouths.

Avoid direct contact of multiple toothbrushes in one container

Most times, we find families having a common container for storing toothbrushes. The consequences are not as simple as it sounds. There are high chances of transmitting diseases through the sharing of body fluids. Therefore, ensure that you store your toothbrushes in a way that none touches the other. Five reasons why mouth wash helps

Additionally, ensure that toothbrushes of any sick family member are stored separately from the rest. This prevents transmission of diseases from one person to another.

Clean your toothbrush before and after use

A toothbrush is best cleaned using warm water from a running tap. This carries away the entire debris and toothpaste. The germs are also carried along with the water and thus have no room on the brush. After that, shake off any water droplets that may be on the brush. That way, there is no favorable environment for bacteria and fungi to survive.

Replace your toothbrush after every three to four months

Are you among the majority who spend years using the same toothbrush? This could be really dangerous. It accumulates masses of bacteria thus posing a menace to the teeth. Something that could have been solved pretty fast can really get cumbersome. This is why the dentistry specialists encourage that you should not use the same tooth brush for more than a period of 4 months.

Store your toothbrush away from the toilet

One of the most commonly made mistakes is storing toothbrushes just adjacent to the flash systems. So easily will water splash to the stored toothbrushes. This is likely to transfer some of the toilet bacteria onto your toothbrushes.

Definitely, this will cause tooth cavity and other oral problems. The way to avoid this is super easy. Always store toothbrushes 2 feet away from the toilet.


Essentially, the health of your teeth is highly dependent upon the care you take on your oral hygiene measures. Cleaning your brush holder, washing hands before and after touching and storing your toothbrush in an upright manner are the other ideal ways of maintaining your toothbrush sparkling clean. The list of these tips is endless.