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What is dental surgery?

Dental surgery is simply any surgery that had to do with the teeth and gums and includes gum procedures, tooth extraction, cosmetic surgery as well as root canals. To be qualified to carry out these surgeries, a dentist must undergo accredited dental school and training. In case you are planning to undergo surgery, you might need to know about all the procedures.


This surgery involves the removal of one or more teeth and can normally be carried out by a general dentist. Most of the time, this surgery is done when a tooth is rotten or dead. Other times, it is done when a person has supernumerary teeth or if there is a need to remove baby teeth to pave way for adult teeth. Sometimes this can also be done to remove wisdom teeth

Tooth replacement

When a person’s tooth is knocked out during an accident or a sport it is possible to have it replaced through dental surgery. If you happen to experience such an accident, you should place the tooth in a glass of cold milk or on ice and take it with you to a dentist as soon as you can. If there would still be a root on it alive, it would be possible to have it out back in through a dental surgery. If you have your teeth hit, you should see an Atlanta dentist to ensure that there are no problems with it.

Cosmetic surgery

This type of surgery is normally done to remove the gaps in between teeth or when you need to change the gum line.

Gum repair

Sometimes, a person might have infected gums with disease like gingivitis and the only way to correct this is through dental surgery.  There might be other times that the gums even grow over the teeth and they have to be cut out.

Preparation for prosthetics and bridges’

When you are about o get partial, full dentures or even bridges, there might be a need to perform surgery in order to prepare for the dentures or the implants. There might be a need to remove some teeth or shape some gums in order to fit the dentures properly.

At times, dental surgery might be necessary to save your oral health. When such a time comes, you need to make sure that you have the best dentist to handle the surgery o that you get the proper care. In case you have an emergency, you need to contact your general dentist so that they can do it themselves or recommend you to the best they know. This way, you can be sure you will be in good hands. If you need to have, a cosmetic surgery then you can carry out a research to get the best orthodontist in the field.