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What you need to know about laser cleaning

Every day modern medicine amazes us with progress in its field. A clear demonstration of its development was the emergence of laser teeth cleaning – a unique and effective technology. This technique allows you to remove plaque and calculus, get rid of caries, and give your smile shining white.

What is laser cleaning?

New electronic devices that emit and direct powerful beams of light into the oral cavity. Then the dentist removes plaque and other unwanted materials from the teeth. Today, laser teeth cleaning is the most modern and high-quality hygienic procedure.

An effective fight against caries and plaque

Thanks to the emergence of improved technologies and effective medicines, the procedure has a strong and lasting effect. For example, professional laser cleaning of teeth from calculus also allows:

  • Get rid of plaque and caries;
  • Eliminate pathogenic bacteria from the oral cavity;
  • Strengthen the gums;
  • Whiten the enamel in several tones and improve its condition.

This service promotes the overall health of the entire oral cavity. The procedure is completely safe, does not damage enamel, and does not injure the gums. It is performed silently and because of this it also surpasses dental treatment with a drill with an annoying and unpleasant sound.

Even a child will not be afraid of such cleaning. The cost of laser teeth cleaning is not too high, and even the first cleaning procedure will give a quick and visible result.

Reasons for the formation of plaque and calculus

Plaque on teeth is an accumulation of microorganisms and their waste products. Their appearance affects not only aesthetics but also the health of the whole oral cavity. Excessive numbers of parasites can damage the oral mucosa and trigger the development of periodontitis, a serious illness that causes pain and loosening of the teeth.

To prevent the formation of plaque, or to minimize it, it is important to understand the reasons for its appearance:

  • Incorrectly chosen toothbrush. If the bristles of the toothbrush are too soft, they will not be able to thoroughly clean the enamel from microorganisms. If it is too hard – it will injure the gums;
  • Poor quality toothpaste is not able to remove plaque;
  • Lack of regularity in oral hygiene;
  • Smoking;
  • Overly consumption of coffee and tea;
  • Overly consumption of sweets;
  • Lack of solid food (vegetables) in the diet, which does not require thorough chewing;
  • Metabolic disorders, endocrine diseases;
  • Malocclusion;
  • The habit of chewing food with only one side.

Who is it good for

Laser cleaning, like any medical intervention, has indications and contraindications. And if the indication for the procedure is the patient’s direct desire to get rid of the unwanted things, then the contraindications should be shown in more details:

  • Age less than 18 years old. Before this period, the dental system is still developing and the enamel is not yet strong enough;
  • Pregnancy and lactation. During the procedure, special pastes and gels on a chemical basis can adversely affect the child;
  • Wearing braces and other orthodontic systems to correct bite. Wait for them to be removed;
  • An abundance of large fillings or installed implants;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Serious infectious diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis;
  • Excessive enamel sensitivity.

The best choice for today

Today, laser teeth cleaning is the most effective, safe, fast, and relatively painless method. If you dream of a snow-white smile, you can turn it into truth without any problems.

A pleasant environment, caring and polite staff, professional equipment, and highly qualified doctors like Dr. Smurthwaite – all this guarantees you a good experience and an excellent result.