What is dental surgery?

Dental surgery is simply any surgery that had to do with the teeth and gums and includes gum procedures, tooth extraction, cosmetic surgery as well as root canals. To be qualified to carry out these surgeries, a dentist must undergo accredited dental school and training. In case you are planning to undergo surgery, you might need to know about all the procedures.


This surgery involves the removal of one or more teeth and can normally be carried out by a general dentist. Most of the time, this surgery is done when a tooth is rotten or dead. Other times, it is done when a person has supernumerary teeth or if there is a need to remove baby teeth to pave way for adult teeth. Sometimes this can also be done to remove wisdom teeth

Tooth replacement

When a person’s tooth is knocked out during an accident or a sport it is possible to have it replaced through dental surgery. If you happen to experience such an accident, you should place the tooth in a glass of cold milk or on ice and take it with you to a dentist as soon as you can. If there would still be a root on it alive, it would be possible to have it out back in through a dental surgery. If you have your teeth hit, you should see s dentist to ensure that there are no problems with it.

Cosmetic surgery

This type of surgery is normally done to remove the gaps in between teeth or when you need to change the gum line.

Gum repair

Sometimes, a person might have infected gums with disease like gingivitis and the only way to correct this is through dental surgery.  There might be other times that the gums even grow over the teeth and they have to be cut out.

Preparation for prosthetics and bridges’

When you are about o get partial, full dentures or even bridges, there might be a need to perform surgery in order to prepare for the dentures or the implants. There might be a need to remove some teeth or shape some gums in order to fit the dentures properly.

At times, dental surgery might be necessary to save your oral health. When such a time comes, you need to make sure that you have the best dentist to handle the surgery o that you get the proper care. In case you have an emergency, you need to contact your general dentist so that they can do it themselves or recommend you to the best they know. This way, you can be sure you will be in good hands. If you need to have, a cosmetic surgery then you can carry out a research to get the best orthodontist in the field.

The relation between fluoride and dentistry


Fluoride being a very important mineral more so in growth and development of strong teeth and healthy bones has over the last few years seen an increase in fluoridation . It is however important to note that apart from the United states of American, almost all the other European countries and western Nation countries do not fluoridate their water.

This is because some health research has shown that countries that fluoridate their water barely have a considerable difference in the number of tooth decay cases as opposed to those who don’t.

How fluoride works

One of the more prominent uses of fluoride is preventing tooth decay. Just to get an idea of how it works, it’s good to understand that mechanism behind tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when the outer surface of a tooth is corroded by acid which is produced by bacteria found on plaque.

When children take in limited amount of fluoride that is below the age of seven it is incorporated in the development of the enamel making it more resistant to tooth decay as well as strengthening teeth.

When developing teeth are subjected to demineralization and demineralization in the presence of low level of fluoride , saliva and plaque it encourages demineralization in which the enamel crystals formed are of higher quality .

Fluoride has also been known to reduce the amount of acid produced by plaque bacteria. This is a major factor that prevents tooth decay. When the plaque bacteria concentrates on the fluoride present this ends up being an inhibitor towards functions of certain enzymes which are necessary for production of the acid. Thereby preventing tooth decay which would have otherwise occurred.

Tissues affected by fluoride

As opposed to popular belief fluoride does not only affect the teeth and its significance stretch beyond just the field of dentistry. It has been proven to affect the thyroid gland , pineal gland as well as the brain. This in the long run goes on to affect even the body’s blood sugar level.

An imbalance in the fluoride in excessive intake which goes on to affect the thyroid gland and its function it leads to lower its performance in fighting infections. It has also been linked to certain psychological problems such as dementia.

Effects of overexposure to fluoride

A study showed that up to as many as forty percent of American teenagers have been under the overexposure to fluoride. This has resulted to fluorosis and other related complications.

It is however not easy to tell just how much this overexposure has resulted to but it’s clear that dental appointment have been on the increase as a result.


It is clear that fluoride does play a vital role in dentistry more so if preventing tooth decay is anything to go by.

This should be however be in limited amounts . Excessive intake has it consequences.

How can I keep my toothbrush clean?

If you are one among the majority, odds are that you could be using an unclean tooth brush to clean your teeth. This is both ironical and unfortunate. Most probably, this could be due to ignorance of the tips on how to maintain a clean tooth brush. I will discuss a few tips that could greatly assist you in this:

Always store your tooth brush in an open container

Storing a toothbrush in an open container prevents dampness. This is among the best ways of depriving bacteria from its favorable environment. Therefore, it reduces the span of survival of bacteria.

By using that toothbrush, it is evident that there are null chances of transmitting the bacteria to your teeth. Needless to say, a bacteria free mouth has few odds of getting cavities, gingivitis or the bad odors that are common to many bacteria invaded mouths.

Avoid direct contact of multiple toothbrushes in one container

Most times, we find families having a common container for storing toothbrushes. The consequences are not as simple as it sounds. There are high chances of transmitting diseases through the sharing of body fluids. Therefore, ensure that you store your toothbrushes in a way that none touches the other. Five reasons why mouth wash helps

Additionally, ensure that toothbrushes of any sick family member are stored separately from the rest. This prevents transmission of diseases from one person to another.

Clean your toothbrush before and after use

A toothbrush is best cleaned using warm water from a running tap. This carries away the entire debris and toothpaste. The germs are also carried along with the water and thus have no room on the brush. After that, shake off any water droplets that may be on the brush. That way, there is no favorable environment for bacteria and fungi to survive.

Replace your toothbrush after every three to four months

Are you among the majority who spend years using the same toothbrush? This could be really dangerous. It accumulates masses of bacteria thus posing a menace to the teeth. Something that could have been solved pretty fast can really get cumbersome. This is why the dentistry specialists encourage that you should not use the same tooth brush for more than a period of 4 months.

Store your toothbrush away from the toilet

One of the most commonly made mistakes is storing toothbrushes just adjacent to the flash systems. So easily will water splash to the stored toothbrushes. This is likely to transfer some of the toilet bacteria onto your toothbrushes.

Definitely, this will cause tooth cavity and other oral problems. The way to avoid this is super easy. Always store toothbrushes 2 feet away from the toilet.


Essentially, the health of your teeth is highly dependent upon the care you take on your oral hygiene measures. Cleaning your brush holder, washing hands before and after touching and storing your toothbrush in an upright manner are the other ideal ways of maintaining your toothbrush sparkling clean. The list of these tips is endless.

Learn about modern dentistry

What is modern dentistry like?

Due to advancements that have been made over time, these days there are a number of changes that have been made regarding how dentists do their work. The changes also include the way dentists treat their patients and even the introduction of other technologies of which are to ensure that the oral problems that were once experienced by man are totally curbed down.

This article looks keenly at the developments that have been made in the dental world and how they can be able to change the lifestyle of humankind.

No game should go on minus mouth guards.

All risky games that need players to wear mouth guards should not commence unless all players are protected. According to the dental association of Australia all clubs should sign a mouth guard policy to which they agree that all the players need to wear mouth guards before any game.

This is due to an increase in incidents where players have lost their teeth and even some having to sustain serious mouth injuries while playing risky games like Rugby, hockey and basketball.

Stabilizing loose dentures.

There are people who struggle with loose denture particularly on the lower one after becoming loose. Such a problem gives them a problem when talking and eating. However thanks to denture stabilization because it gives such people hope.

In this technology the dentist puts 2 dental implants at the lower jaw such that it makes it more stable and strong to stop it from moving anyhow. In both the lower and upper denture problems the dentist puts clips that look like stud to make the lips more stable.

The first 3-D printed mandibular intersection

Australian surgeons have also gone a step ahead and came up with an astonishing technology. The surgeons from the University of Melbourne implanted the temporomandibular extension to a young man who was suffering from congenital deformity in his mouth.

This patient was born with condylar aphasia a defect which led to affected growth in his left side of his face. This condition affected the motion of his jaw but the surgeons finally reconstructed his jaw with titanium prosthesis made from 3-D technology.

Hope at last…

By bringing out the conditions that have affected human being for long modern dentistry is giving hope to the lives of many people who probably could be suffering for the rest of their lives. These days there are pain free ways of carrying out dental operations.

The laser is such one miracle that helps in tooth implanting without the patient really having to feel the pain. There are also a number of ways that are used to deal with decayed teeth i.e. crowing them.

These days anesthetic procedures can be done to the teeth to make human kind more comfortable with their life, thanks to gold dental filling. Those are some of the major advancements that have been made to the dental world.

Things you must know before picking a dentist

While you are in a hassle to find a good dentist, you need to know what the qualities that make a good dentist are. You might be worried on why you should be taking a lot of time looking for the right dentist yet there are a number of them whom you can just visit and get your issues solved. Well, it is possible to worry but after looking at the following carefully explained reasons, then you could possibly understand the importance of choosing your dentist carefully.

You must know where their premises are.

Location matters a lot more so when it comes to matters dealing with urgency. This to mean that the premises of your dentist should not be that such that you cannot be able to reach them in case there was an emergency. They need to be located in a strategic point where you can be able to reach them no matter what time of the day is i.e. by using a local means of transport.

Know whether they are licensed by your local authority.

One of the best qualities of a good dentist is being licensed. This means that they have been tested and approved to give their services. By this, you should not have any doubt over your health because you could already be aware that the person dealing with your health is a qualified. Being licensed also means that the tools and medicine they use are in good condition and they can not cause any effect on your health.

Know if they are members of any union.

Being a member of a union means that they have adhered to all rules that are set by the medical authorities in your country. The union works to fight for their rights and also sets rules that they should follow. For instance, it sets the limit of the charges that they are supposed to charge from their patients. It also sets guidelines that you as a patient should follow in case you discovered that your dentist is not following the right procedure.

Know their education level.

The education level of your dentist should tell you how they can be able to handle different situations. You can politely request your dentist to tell you more of their education level such that you can evaluate them.

Know if they are updated on their work.

A good dentist should carry out enough research on addition to what they learned while undergoing training. If your dentist carries out day to day research on the matters that arise in the dental field, you should be aware then that the dentist is a qualified person. You can know this by asking them or by asking questions that help you give proper judgment once they answer you.